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 :::: Reviews



Shadows Of Disgust Webzine - Nederlands

The Process Of Mutilation

De muziek stamt al van 2002 maar is begin 2003 alleen op cassette verschenen. Nu dan de heruitgave want blijkbaar vond Despise The Sun Records ook dat de band het verdient buiten de landsgrenzen gehoord te worden. Wel omschreven als 'de Indonesische Suffocation', maar dat snijdt geen hout. Rauwe, drukke, hypersnelle en gutturale death metal wordt er gemaakt. Het geluid laat veel te wensen over maar is absoluut kenmerkend voor deze stijl. 'The Process Of Mutilation' voldoet aan meer kenmerken van deze stijl: elk nummer begint met een sample, de totale speelduur is 27:34, de muziek is zo compromisloos als het maar zijn kan, het getekende artwork is met zombies en zagen en bloed enzo. Absolute Defiance, Total Rusak of de oudere Siksakubur, in die richting moet je de muziek zoeken. Ik hou hiervan, het enthousiasme straalt van de muziek af en de eigenlijk echt te korte speelduur – al helemaal als je de stukjes geschreeuw er niet bij telt – vergeef ik deze brute lieden dan ook graag



Maelstrom 666 'zine - Thailand

Bleeding Promo

This 's promo stuff sent me by "Ekkachai" (ex-A Good Day For Killing).This 's one Death metal band in very big Death metal scene of Indonesia and this country a lot of great Brutal band. Asphyxiate 's choose for played kind of grind core mix death metal got influences Napalm Death, the music play fast with some short break slowly for showing technical in brutal music lowvoice and good guitar riff and I like in line drum a lot of technical, great sound recording in brutal sounds, so if you crazy in Grind death metal. I think this first choice for touch from Indonesia. They have release debut album now in the name "The Process of Mutilation ".



Belenggu 'zine - Indonesia

Bleeding Promo

Promo Cd from bekasi band which title Bleeding Promo contain 4 song brutal blasting with vowel rem and raise hell to be added and drum thumping which is nice to hear it and hyperblast and guitar sound very good streaming ( mr dedy please let us know its secret he..he..he ), and he said this year they will release first album which its title process of mutilation, so to all brutal devotee this is good band which never borring to hear it and you must buy its cassette before running out.



Sicknet Webzine - Spain

Full Bleeding Promo

Un montón de gente me ha pedido mi opinión sobre qué escena es la mejor: ¿americana o europea?. Bien, he de decir que toda esa gente, o casi toda, no ha tenido en cuenta otra escena más: la asiática! En dicha escena nos podemos encontrar toneladas de bandas que realmente son demoledoras como Impiety, Lacerate, Vrykolakas, Cardiac Necropsy, Ritual Carnage, y la que ahora vamos a criticar: Asphyxiate!

Asphyxiate vienen más exactamente de Indonesia y nos traen un promo cd de 11 temas!!!. El estilo de estos enfermos es brutal death estilo US, teniendo la misma calidad que bandas como Dying Fetus, Devourment, los suecos Soils Of Fate y los japoneses Vomit Remnants, o lo que es lo mismo, groovy brutal death metal, pero sin los toques hardcore de Dying Fetus, como en su primer album "Infatuation With Malevolence". Con un obseso vomitador de letras en la onda de Beheaded, ritmos pegadizos y un sobradamente poderoso doble bombo, Asphyxiate les puede dar una buena lección de brutalidad a las bandas de NY.

La bestia aguarda!!!




Rottrevore 'zine - Indonesia

The Process Of Mutilation

Another Indonesia's sick fuckers call Asphyxiate ... the most obscene and extremely mind blowingly fast with a sound wedged somewhere between Death Vomit and SiksaKubur, with gruesome gore soaked lyrics which is show on the tapes sheet. Asphyxiate will strengthen the note that Indonesia is the land where you can find true of sadistic and barbaric troops. Aggressive, twisted and powerful blast drumming from Reno follow the strangulation guitars-bass riffage from both Deaddy and Indra while guttural man Yoseph fueled the composition with bloody thriller things. Take a shot to Asphyxiate ' The Process Of Mutilation ' for sure complete destruction. On Undying Music Records !




REborn 'zine - Indonesia

Bleeding Promo

Gue dapet demo ini dari label Undying Music. Pertama gue setel demo CD ini, setelah masuk lagu pertama "Sindrom Pembunuhan", gue langsung kaget dan ngerasa seperti disiksa dan dibunuh !!! Konsep musiknya agak mengingatkan gue dengan Bloody Gore yang menonjolkan speed dan juga pukulan hypercan yang seperti suara senapan mesin. Demo ini berisi 4 lagu dan album perdana mereka ini akan dirilis oleh si Bimo (Undying Music) pada pertengahan Maret 2003. Tempo yang cepat dan permainan individu yang cukup rapih dan konstan dapat kita dengar pada lagu-lagu mereka. Suatu gebrakan yang cukup bagus dilakukan oleh Asphyxiate dalam membuktikan kualitas musik mereka. Gue nggak bisa bilang apa-apa lagi nich.... pokoknya tinggu aja album perdana mereka ini yang bertitel "The Process Of Mutilation" dibawah bendera Undying Music. Point: 8




Tripalium 'zine - Philipines

Bleeding Promo

I've always been fascinated by the growing scene in Indonesia, unfortunately I find it a bit tough to establish good connections with bands there fortunately this band didn't hesitate in joining my compilation project and it's something that I really am proud of.
This four song promo has everything American death metal has to offer but I cannot consider them to be a mere clone for they did not simply copy another band but combined the elements of many brutal death metal and infused them into their music. The one thing that I found really interesting is the production. The clear sound and tight musicianship proved to me that Indonesian bands have the right to get signed internationally. They are very proficient and when it comes to execution, Asphyxiate knows how to play solid listenable brutal death metal. I wonder what these guys will do if they have a better budget. Read the interview as well.




Fleshrites Webzine - Spain

Full Bleeding Promo

A lot of people asked me my opinnon about what scene was better: american or european one. Well, I must say that those people didn´t consider that there´s another one strong and powerful underground scene: Asian one!.
We have tons of bands from there that really kick asses hard:
Impiety, Lacerate, Vrykolakas, Cardiac Necropsy, Ritual Carnage, and the band we are reviewing here: Asphyxiate!
Asphyxiate comes exactly from Indonesia, and here introduces their 11!!! track promo. Tha way of this sickos is a US styled brutal death, having the same quality as bands such as
Dying Fetus, Devourment , swedish Soils Of Fate and japanish Vomit Remnants, or what is the same: brutal groovy death metal, but without HC touches Dying Fetus provided on their first album "Infatuation With Malevolence". With a sick vokiller in the vein of Beheaded´s, and cool rythmns cut by a thundering double bass kick drums, Asphyxiate gives a lesson of brutality to NY bands.
Beware of the beast!!!!




Mutted Diction Webzine - Indonesia

Bleeding Promo

I get this demo from my friend (got from the band when he gone to Jakarta) and this is really kick ass!!! A great surprise for me, unknown, but their musick really awesome!! They on the way of SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS or maybe BEHEADED (Resurgence of Oblivion), which many Indonesian band play like that, but they get their own character and play it really well. This demo contains 4 brutaldeath / technical songs (1 song with Indonesian Language "Sindrom Pembunuhan" , and this is my fav composition). All will crush your ear, good recording (K - Studio, Jakarta), K sound - same sound, just like another band that recording at K studio - Jakarta. Catchy riffs but this will not boring you cause the drums blow up with unpredictable break and fast tempo (good drumer). Vocals low growl, remember me about Frank Mullen. Explode your head with their composition!! Highly recomended !!!




Never Ending Hate Webzine - Indonesia

Bleeding Promo

AAARRRGGGHHHH !!!!! BLASTING BRUTAL DEATH METAL !  This is another Indonesian answer to world's brutal death / grind scene. Yeah ! Indonesia is always spewing & emerging cool & good brutal death / grind bands and this time is ASPHYXIATE's turn. If you listen to them for the first time, you'll can not tell from what country this band is hailing. This 4 demonic maniacs delivered very aggressive, fast and heavy extreme metal musick. Musically, Its a bit in the vein of SUFFOCATION, LIVIDITY, INFERNAL TORMENT and DYING FETUS. The guttural vocal is very solid and low, the guitarist plays very brutal riffs - mixed with very catchy groove and slam parts, the tight rhythm bass line makes this band plays a lot heavier, powerful  blasting fast blastbeat with fast double bass, This band is killer ! Killer sounds too !  Their blasting aggressiveness will crushed you to your bones. They will make you moving insanely in your room or in the mosh pit. Their catchy brutal slam and groove parts will make you wanna bang your head endlessly.To all brutal death /  grind sickos outhere, get in touch with this maniacs - buy their stuff or trade, To all labels outhere who self claimed supporting the underground extreme metal, get in touch with Asphyxiate - give them a record deal - ask them to join your compilations - or anything ! give them your support, coz they fucking deserve your supports ! NOt  for Nu metal shit fans ! You all are too GAY and  too POSER to listen to this blasting brutality !




More reviews will be added soon...